Wellington Ontario Visited


by Gary McWilliams (aka Festival Nomad)

In The Heart of Prince Edward County…

The following is an excerpt from the Village of Wellington website Wellington… the warm and welcoming village situated on the shores of Lake Ontario. Wellington overlooks the largest freshwater dunes in the world at Sandbanks, and is located in the heart of Prince Edward County’s exciting new wine industry.

“The following description of Wellington is based on our visits to the community.

Retirement is defined, as we found is described from internet sources, as one of the three definitions:

a) hang up one’s hatchet … To quit working, to take a rest or break from one’s work.

The allusion is probably to a wood cutter or other person who uses a hatchet or axe in his trade and literally hangs it up when he stops working. This expression, no longer in use, dates as far back as 1327.

b) put out to pasture … Retired, put on the shelf, put away. The expression originally referred to animals, such as workhorses, which, due to old age or poor health, had outlived their usefulness to their owners and were turned out to pasture for the rest of their days.

Today the phrase is more commonly applied to older persons who, for the same reasons, have supposedly outlived their usefulness to society and are no longer allowed to play an active role in the affairs of the working world.

The implication is that they are not accorded the dignity of human beings but are treated as animals whose only worth is in their work.

c) swallow the anchor … To end one’s seafaring days by obtaining an onshore job or retiring from a maritime occupation; to be released from service with the Navy. This expression, is of obvious nautical derivation.

This third example of the definition I chose, because of Wellington’s direct location on the Bay. I know Wellington is a retirement destination, because this is where my brother Chuck and his wife Flo lived and retired to.

However, the people of Wellington haven’t read the definition of “retirement” or, if they have, they have chosen to ignore it! The Village of Wellington is a vibrant community nestled in Prince Edward County, along the Shores of Lake Ontario.

The Wellington residents love to celebrate!! They celebrate Canada Day by throwing a fabulous parade and birthday bash in their beautiful downtown park,. They celebrate harvest time by weighing thousand of pounds of pumpkins during their annual Wellington Pumpkin Festival.

This event features one of the best parades that we have encountered. It is full of community spirit second to none! And, they celebrate their beloved “Dukes”! The Wellington Dukes just happened to have won the 2011 Dudley Hewitt Cup which is held of the Central Canadian Champions. These young men participate in most community events, giving back to their fans and the community.

Their participation includes the parades, helping with support and physical labour for the Storehouse Food Bank and assisting with the Wellington United Church, efforts to name a few. The countryside, close to Wellington, offers many fine wineries, golf courses, restaurants, Walleye fishing at its best and great agricultural fairs.

Whether you choose to “retire” or just welcome a fun unique experience, the Village of Wellington by the Bay is the place to be!

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