Tottenham Ontario Visited (Video)

by Gary McWilliams (aka Festival Nomad)

The community of Tottenham is part of the Town of New Tecumseth.

We had heard about Tottenham through one of our customers.

And it sounded like a great place to visit.

Although Tottenham is now part of New Tecumseth, it was first settled in 1823!

Since then, it has become a thriving community and is considered as one the best places to live in Canada.

However, 1895, it could have all come to end end!

In that year, a major fire broke out and “destroyed approximately 80 structures“.

Now, it’s a modern community with lots to see and do.

As we explored this Tottenham, we came across a very interesting and fun park, Keogh Park!


There was a great “bandshell” in the park!

So Scoop (Judi), and I had to “ham” it up!

The park wasn’t all, just and and games.

It was also a memorial to the men an women who fought for our freedom!

If you are in the New Tecumseth area, make sure you visit the beautiful community of Tottenham!

Below is the video we produced during out Tottenham visit.