Tobermory Ontario Visited
by Judi McWilliams (aka “Scoop” McWilliams)
“Oh Canada Eh! Game video ~ Videos and photos taken during our visits to Tobermory.”
Located at the top of the Bruce Peninsula, Tobermory is a lakeside town surrounded by National Parks, crystal clear water, the majestic Niagara Escarpment and is home to Flowerpot Island and the Grotto.” Source –
“Welcome to Tobermory!”
 Our visit to Tobermory included a ferry ride on the MC Chi-Cheemaun. After touring Manitoulin Island, we took Ferry from the Island to Tobermory. Here is what Wikipeadia says about the Chi-Cheemaun and the trip ~ “A trip aboard Chi-Cheemaun is a long standing Great Lakes  tradition dating back to the 1930s when a small, wooden vessel, Kagawong, first ferried automobiles across the Georgian Bay  between Tobermory and South Baymouth. It features a drive-on, drive-off bow and stern loading and unloading through a visored bow system and a square door stern section. The ship is 111 m (364 ft) with a 19 m (62 ft) beam and has capacity for 648 passengers and 143 vehicles, including room for large highway vehicles such as buses  and transport trucks.
“Lots to do and see in Tobermory!”

There is a cornucopia of things to do in Tobermory.  Here hikers will find the beginning of the world-famous 700-kilometre Bruce Trail.  Nearby is the new and exciting Bruce Peninsula National Park Visitors’ Centre with its really tall lookout tower. Visitors can ride the Chi-Cheemaun across the Devil’s Gap to Manitoulin Island, explore the wonders of Flowerpot Island, and view old shipwrecks from a glass bottom boat.” Source ~



“Great Tobermory Harbour”

The Tobermory Harbour area is very interesting, lots of big boats and fun shops and restaurants!


“Scoop McWilliams and her new friend!”

It seems that we always meet interesting “characters” when we travel!


“Tobermory ticket office.”

The Explore the Bruce website talks about what to do in Tobermory ~ “Tobermory, Ontario is the crown jewel vacation spot at the northern tip of the Bruce Peninsula.  Fishermen began dropping nets into Tobermory’s deep natural harbours, Big and Little Tub in the late 1800s.  Naval surveyor Henry Bayfield originally named this port Collins Harbour.  It was renamed in 1882 by Scottish fishermen for the port of Tobermory on the Island of Mull in Scotland.”

From its earliest days, Tobermory has watched a steady parade of schooners and steamers make their way through a maze of islands and reefs offshore.  Many did not survive.  Today, Fathom Five National Marine Park is the final resting place of some two dozen wrecks that make Tobermory the scuba diving centre of the Great Lakes.


“Glass bottom boat”

Just 6.5 kilometers off the coast of Tobermory lies Flowerpot Island, one of Canada’s most fascinating natural attractions. Flowerpot Island is famous for its natural sea stacks, the “flowerpots”, as well as its caves, historic light station and variety of rare  plants. Accessible only by boat, Flowerpot Island is the only island in Fathom Five National Marine Park with campsites and hiking trails. It is a great place to spend half or a full day exploring the island, viewing the scenery, picnicking or swimming.” Source ~


“Tobermory shops”

Tobermory is a great place to “explore and discover“! Judi and I had a great time walking aound “downtownTobermory. So many shops, so little time!


“Inside the Candy and Ice Cream Store!”

The great thing about Tobermory shops is the variety! On the upper level of the town we found two shops that made it difficult to choose between them! On one side was the Coffee Shop, with its wonderful aromas filling the air, whie the other side was the Candy/Ice Cream Parlour!

What to choose, what to choose!

Each was calling out our names! Forntunately coffee and “goodies” go together!



“Tobermory Princess Hotel & Restaurant”

There are many great places is stay in Tobermory, but you need to book early! Tobermory is a VERY popular destination!


“The Blue Bay Motel”

While we were in Tobermory, we had the opportunity to stay overnight at the Blue Bay Motel. This is a wonderful Motel that made our visit to Tobermory that much more enjoyable!


“Sunset over Tobermory!”

Tobermory is a fabulous place to visit, but a hard place to leave! We’ll be back!

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