The Blue Mountains Ontario Visited

by Gary McWilliams (aka Festival Nomad)

The Blue Mountains is a wonderful community to live, work and play!


Judi and I live in Thornbury. a The Blue Mountain community, and love it here.


It’s amazing what The Blue Mountains offer!


There are, of course, the Blue Mountains. Several ski resorts are located in them.


The best know resort is Blue Mountain Village. Visitors from around the whole come to the resort, all year round.


Also in the area is Georgian Bay.


There’s go much to do on the Bay. In the spring there’s fishing for Rainbow Trout.

In the summer, there’s sailing…

Canoeing, swimming and so much more!

The Thornbury Harbour is home to lots of sailboats and motorboats.

On special days, the sailboats are all decked with flags.

For Thornbury in the fall, there’s fishing for Chinook Salmon.

Just south of Thornbury is the village of Clarksburg.

Clarksburg and area are definitely known for their apple orchards.

Its’s also been referred to as “Artsburg“! That’s because there are so many art and craft shops in the village.

In the fall, when the apples are ripe, people come from all over.

During the Apple Trail Tour, many orchards allow people to “pick there own“.

Also, during the fall apple harvest, you can “smell” fresh baked Apple Pie!

The country south of Thornbury-Clarksburg is very scenic!

There are rivers, ready for exploring by canoe or kayak.

There are hills to climb and trails to trek.

The country roads, especially through wooded area are screen and beautiful!

Scenic farms dot the rural roadways.

And then, of courses, there are the farm animals, horse, cows and sheep.

When we moved to Thornbury and The Blue Mountains, we were told that the winters could be awful!

We even changed our sedan to an All Wheel SUV!

But amazingly enough, we have really enjoyed the winters!


Even though we don’t ski, the Blue Mountain Village is a wonderful escape. There’s plenty to see and do, plus are some great restaurant at the resort.

So, whether its winter, spring, summer or fall, The Blue Mountains is a great place to live, work and play!

Below is a video of the Blue Mountain Apple Pie Trail. It will give you a “TASTE” of the “MOUNTAINS“!