Stoney Creek Visited

My Grandmother lived in Stoney Creek.

She lived above a store.

I remember visiting her there, but I don’t remember a lot about Stoney Creek.

That’s especially true now, because the town has changed so much.

Back when my Grandmother lived there, it was a small community, located next to the City of Hamilton.

Now Stoney Creek is part of the City of Hamilton.

As I, said a lot has changed.

It is now a thriving modern community.

But it does hold memories of the past.

Actually, Stoney Creek played a huge part in Canada’s past.

A battle at Stoney Creek, between and Americans and the British (Canadians), took place in 1813 (June 6).

British troop attached the Americans, and won the day.

It is said that this was the “turning point” in the defense of Upper Canada.

A re-enactment of the Battle of Stoney Creek is held at Battlefield House Museum and Park.

Battlefield House Museum and Park is now a monument to the brave soldiers who fought in this history changing event.

The museum and park is a wonder place to visited and learn about Canada’s history.