Spencerville Ontario Visited

by Gary McWilliams (aka Festival Nomad)

The Village of Spencerville is a scenic rural community, located about 80 km southwest of Ottawa’s downtown.

Judi and I have been to Spencerville a number of times.

It’s an interesting eastern Ontario community, what a lot happening.

Its scenic historic mill is the show place of the village.

In the winter, the mill becomes alive with Christmas decorations…

… and carollers.

There’s a river that runs along side of the mill.

It make the scene very surreal!

The downtown, although small, is very unique.

For me, it suits a ambiance of this historic village!

The buildings add to the appeal.

We have visited Spencerville in both the winter months and, the summer.

Each season has brought out different charms.

Although Spencerville is beautiful in the summer and fall…

… I think that I enjoyed winter the most.

Winter seemed to bring out the best in the village.

Carollers, music, Christmas decoration and more!

When we visited during the holiday season, Spencerville held an event called “A Country Christmas Remembered“. It was a great event.

The residents are very proud of their village, and their events reflect this. The Spencerville Fair is one of the best in Eastern Ontario!

The video shown below was taken during on of our visits to Spencerville.