Shelburne Ontario Visited

by Gary McWilliams (aka Festival Nomad)

My first experience with Shelburne was when we visited visited the town for the annual Canadian Open Old Time Fiddle Championship.

That was when we were still living in Cobourg.

When we left home, the sun was shinning, but as we got closer the Shelburne, the clouds came and progressively got darker!

When we finally arrived to the event, the rain was pouring down!

The event’s parade was still held, to the “fiddle” activities were postponed.

We stayed to watch the parade, but missed the “fiddling“.

Since moving to Thornbury, we have “passed through” the outskirts of Shelburne dozens of times.

It wasn’t until we started our Oh Canada Eh! Game tour that we actually visited the downtown area.

What a great downtown! Lots of interesting historic buildings.

Since our “Oh Canada Eh! Game” visit, we have been able to explore the town on several occasions.

We haven’t made it back to enjoy the Canadian Open Old Time Fiddle Championship, but that is on out “must do” list.

In the meantime, a drive to Shelburne is always a great outing.

And, we get to meet the town’s founder, William Jelly, or at least his statue!

Below is our Oh Canada Eh! Game video… enjoy.