Sarnia Ontario Visited (Video)

Sarnia Ontario Visited
by Gary McWilliams (aka Festival Nomad)
“Oh Canada Eh! Game video ~ photos and videos taken during our visit to the City of Sarnia.”
The organizers of ARTZscape by the Bay ( a fundraising project of Pathways Health Centre for Children) invited Judi and I to visit Sarnia to enjoy their wonderful art and artisan event. We “jumped” at the opportunity. Although we have visited hundreds of Ontario communities, we had never visited Sarnia
Sarnia 1
“Welcome to Sarnia”
As soon as we got off the expressway, we “encountered” large ships! Well, actually, we were right at Sarnia’s harbour area and that’s where the large ships were moored. It was very impressive!
Sarnia 2
“Looking up!”
As we drove towards the city centre, we came to the Sarnia Centennial Park. This was where ARTZscape by the Bay was being held.
Sarnia 3
“Sarnia Centennial Park”
This is a beautiful, wee maintained park, with lots of colourful gardens.
Sarnia 4
“Work in progress!”
The St. Clair River, which links Lake Huron with Lake St. Clair and then Lake Erie, runs by the park. Looking across the river we see Port Huron.
Sarnia 5
“Looking down river”
Large ships travel by the park on the St. Clair River.
Sarnia 6
“Traveling on the Great Lakes Waterway.”
The festival organizers, Bob and Sandi Grimshaw, had arranged for Judi and I to take a cruise on the St.Clair River. On arriving at the marina, we were greeted by the boat’s captain and owners (Bob and Heather Martin) and welcomed aboard the “Dock Martin“!. To say that the cruise was amazing would be an understatement! 
Sarnia 7
“Boarding the Dock Martin.”
We passed under the Blue Water Bridge that Sarnia, Ontario (Canada) to Port Huron, Michigan (USA). We were now on the St. Clair River, approaching Sarnia Centennial Park.
Sarnia 8a
“Passing under the Blue Water Bridge.”
 From the deck of Dock Martin we could the marvelous Sarnia Centennial Park walkway and gardens.
Sarnia 9
“Looking at Centennial Park from the water.”
After our cruise, we decided to explore the rest of Sarnia. We headed towards the industrial section. Petroleum companies dominated the area.
“Imperial Oil (ESSO) was there.”
Impressive structures rose from the ground, a confusion of pipes and chimneys!
From the industrial area, Judi and I decided to “tackleDowntown Sarnia.
“Downtown Sarnia”
As we drove down the main street, we passed the the STONES ‘N BONES MUSEUM. The Museum contains an “extensive and diverse world-class collection” of 6,000+ artifacts. Visit their website at for more information.
“Stones ‘N Bones Museum”
After our tour of the City of Sarnia, we returned to Sarnia Centennial Park to ARTZscape by the Bay. We have prepared a separate article detailing our visit to this excellent event. You can click HERE for our ARTZscape by the BayAdventure Video” article.
“Welcome to ARTZscape by the Bay!”
Exploring ARTZscape and discovering its talented artists and artisans is definetely a treat. Centennial Park is an amazing venue for this event.
“Looking at ARTZscape by the Bay from the St. Clair River.”
Again, we’d like to thank Pathways Health Centre for Children for inviting us to Sarnia and for hosting us at their ARTZscape by the Bay event. For more information about Pathways and ARTZscape please visit their websites at and
“The home of Pathways Health Centre for Children ~ Sarnia, Ontario.”
See below for our ARTZscape by the Bay for your Ontario Visited You Tube video.
 “Photos and videos taken during our visit to ARTZscape by the Bay, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.”

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