Port Perry Ontario Visited


by Festival Nomad, Gary McWilliams

“The prettiest town around which is closer than you think!”

The following is an excerpt from the Discover Port Perry website – The pristine Victorian architecture in Port Perry creates a downtown with exceptional charm!”

“Explore the unique shops behind beautifully decorated windows where you’ll find amazing ideas and items for yourself and your loved ones. Historic buildings host an eclectic mix of retail merchants, services, entertainment and restaurants!

“The following is a description of Port Perry based on our many visits to the village”

Located northeast of Toronto, Port Perry lies on the bank of Lake Scugog.

Scugog is a man-made lake and is the result artificial flooding. As a result of the flooding, Scugog Island was formed.

The island is now the home of the Mississauga First Nations. On the island are the Blue Heron Casino and the Scugog Shores Historical Museum and Archives.

There is also a small but well preserved Pioneer Village at the Museum. Judi and I visited the Museum  for their Pioneer Fall Fair and had a great time!

The town of Port Perry itself is a major attraction destination for Greater Toronto Area visitors.

It’s 350 plus merchants and stores offer visitors a wide variety of products.

The main street of Port Perry radiates the charm of a “country village“. Beautiful retail stores act as a magnet for tourists.

Port Perry boasts some very fine restaurants for both visitors and residents to enjoy.

Lake Scugog is the closest entry point from Toronto to the Trent-Severn Waterway.

Navigating the Scugog River can be a harrowing adventure.

Judi and I have traveled that route a number of times and can tell you, from first hand experience, that you have to be VERY careful!

One time, when we were motoring up the river to Lindsay, we hit a “deadhead” that severely damaged our transom and propeller.

The humiliation was further enhanced when we had to be pulled back to the marina by a small motor boat!

Port Perry’s most famous son is Daniel David Palmer, founder of Chiropractic. Palmer’s statue dominates Port Perry’s municipal park.

Other famous Port Perry alumni include John Ross Roach and Frederick Whitecroft (NHL stars), Craig Russell (famous impersonator) and actress Emily Van Camp.

If you are ever near the area, Port Perry is definitely worth visiting and exploring!

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