Port Carling Ontario Visited


by Gary McWilliams (aka Festival Nomad)

As I have said before, I love Muskoka. Much of my youth, during the summer months, was spent there.

That being said, my introduction to Port Carling was much later.

It all happening because of Captain Randy Potts.

It wasn’t because he made me come to Port Carling, rather, he enticed me, or should I say, us (Judi  “aka “Scoop“and me)!

You see, Captain Randy is the best “darn” skipper on the Muskoka Lakes!

And, he owns and operates the best “darn” cruise company (Sunset Cruises) on the Muskoka Lakes!

This includes the unique “Peerless II“, a restored Muskoka Lakesgasoline tanker“, turned into a wonderful cruise ship.

A cruise, for us, on the Peerless II, is certainly a big part of the allure of Port Carling, but not the only part.

Port Carling is located on the Indian River, between Lakes Muskoka and Rosseau.


Port Carling is known as the “Hub of the Lakes” and offers visitors plenty of things to do and see.

In the harbour area, there are a number really unique shops to explore.

There are also, a number of great restaurants to curb your appetite!

Like most Muskoka communities, Port Carling is picturesque, both on land and from the water.

For those of you who love visiting Muskoka, a trip to Port Carling and a cruise on the Peerless II is a “MUST“!