Mildmay Ontario Visited
A Bruce County Community | Ontario | Canada
by Gary McWilliams (aka Festival Nomad)
“Oh Canada Eh! Game video ~ Photos taken during our visited to the Village of Mildmay.”
The following is an excerpt about the beginning of the Village of Mildmay. (Source ~

“Mildmay commenced to take form as a village about 1867, when Samuel Merner had a survey made of part of lot 26, concession “C.” For the first half-dozen years the place was called Mernersville, although the post-office, which was established in 1868, was known as Mildmay.

Mildmay 1

“Welcome to the Village of Mildmay.”

 According to Wikipedia, Mildmay  is a community of people of English and German descent in the municipality of South Bruce, Bruce County, Ontario, Canada.”

Mildmay 2

“Entering the Village of Mildmay.”

Mildmay has a number of quaint shops. The Cheese Haus, located on the main street, is known for offering a large variety of local and imported cheese, over 200.

Mildmay 4

“Mildmay’s Tourist Information Centre.”

The South Bruce Tourist website tells us ~ Shortly before Christmas every year the town has an annual “Hanging of the Green” festival and parade to celebrate the beginning of the Christmas Season. This lighted night parade is a family friendly event that boasts of free apple cider, a live nativity scene, Rotary sausages for a price and offers kids a chance to meet Santa. Also, the choir from Mildmay Carrick Public School sing Christmas carols in front of the post office. The parade consists of close to 80 floats and live bands. People from the surrounding communities come to Mildmay to witness this event.”

Mildmay 3

“Stores on Mildmay’s main street.”

One of the highlights to our visit to the Village of Mildmay was the Mildmay Rotary Park.

Mildmay 7

“Welcome to the Mildmay Rotary Park.”

An amazing spring is located in the park. It provides visitors an ever-flowing artesian well.

Mildmay 9

“Spring at Mildmay Rotary ParK.”

A gazebo covers the well and allows visitors to come and taste the cold fresh water. While we were visiting the Park, a number of people drove up to the spring to gather containers of “spring” water.

Mildmay 8

“The Mildmay Rotary Park gazebo.”

Just north of the gazebo and well, is the picturesque Park Fountain. We stood enjoying it for several minutes!

“The Mildmay Rotary Park Fountain.”

The Park offers many amenities. The Mildmay-Carrick Pool is great for summer activites.

“The Mildmay-Carrick Pool.”

There is also a wonder kid’s playgound, with lots of fun equipment.

“The Mildmay Rotary Park Playground.”

While we were there, the “biggest kid“, “Scoop Judi” tried her hand at riding the “horse swing“!

Mildmay 13

“Scoop Judi, horsing around”


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