Midland Visited
by Gary McWilliams (aka Festival Nomad)

The below video documents our Midland “adventures”!

“Midland Visited video highlighting our trips to Midland.”
Driving into Downtown Midland you will notice a number of building Murals. They all add to the charm of Midland.
“Great Downtown Midland wall mural.”
There is a lot to do in the Midland area! Judi and I know because we have had the opportunity to travel there over the past two years. In addition to the 2 Huronia Historical Parks ~ Sainte-Marie among the Hurons (Midland) and Discovery Harbour (Penetanguishene) and the Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre, Midland boost a great waterfront.
“Waterfront restaurant”
Midland’s waterfront offers both residents and visitors lots to do. In the summer the waterfront is a “Beehive” of activities.
“Midland harbour”
Midland is located on Georgian Bay, so it’s not surprising to see Midland’s harbour and all the boats docked there!
 Tour boats give visitors to the Midland area a chance to cruise Georgian Bay and take in all the amazing sights!
Midland Grain Mill
The following is an excerpt about the Midland Harbour from Midland’s website (www.midland.ca) ~ Its communal history began in 1871 with the creation of a successful lumber mill by James Playfair. Over the decades as industry grew, Midland Harbour was also the site of a steel works, a large grain elevator and shelters attributed to its open and accessible waters. 
While the grain mill still stands in modern times, Midland Harbour has become known as a tranquil spot for locals and tourists to relax. The Harbour was built for cruise and passenger ships and is considered a major tourist destination for its Great Lakes access.
“A Tall Ship graces Midland’s Harbourfont.”
Various activities take place at the watefront. Recently War of 1812 Tall Ships invaded the Midland Harbour.
“North Simcoe Sports & Recreation Centre”
Sports and recreation plays a big part in the life of Midland residents and visitors. The North Simcoe Sports & Recreation Centre has become the centre of many of these activities.
“Huronia Museum”
The Huronia Museum offers visitors a “view to the past“. Here’s what is what Midland’s website tell us ~ “Huronia Museum features a replica of a “pre-contact” Huron/Ouendat village, including a lookout tower, wigwam and a full-size longhouse. The museum also features an exhibit gallery featuring tens of thousands of historic artifacts ranging from photographs, native archaeology and art by members of the Group of Seven, and others.
“Little Lake Park”
The Town of Midland has a number of parks. The first official town park, developed in the 1920’s, is the Little Lake Park. Judi and I have traveled through the park and marvel at its beauty and all the fun activites available for families.
“Here’s a bonus video about the 2 Huronia Parks ~ Sainte-Marie among the Hurons (Midland) & Discovery Harbour (Penetanguishene).”
If you’d like to find out more about the Town of Midland, please visit their website at www.midland.ca. Have fun visiting Midland… we did!

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