MacTier Ontario Visited

 by Gary McWilliams (aka Festival Nomad)

Judi and I have explored the Muskoka Region for years, but we have never visited MacTier.

I’m not sure why, but perhaps its because it’s located at the west end of Muskoka.

Most of our travels have been at the east end of the region… Bracebridge, Gravenhurst, Bala, Port Carling, Huntsville and more.

As I have mentioned before, much of my youth was spent on Lake of Bays near Baysville.

It wasn’t until we decided to visit Parry Sound (another town we hadn’t visited), that we “discoveredMacTier.

I guess we had heard about it, but wasn’t on our “to visit” radar!

It was at that point we planned a tour of the west end of the Muskoka Region. MacTier was our first stop.

Mactier is a quaint village that is now being discovered as one of “Ontario’s Best Places to Visit”.

Also, the Township of Georgian Bay is actively promoting MacTier as a great place to “move”.

If you, like Judi and I, haven’t visited the west end of Muskoka, and Mactier, maybe it’s time you did.

After all, it’s a great “place to visit” and, perhaps to “move to”.