Kingsville Ontario Visited


by Gary McWilliams (Festival Nomad)

Canada’s Paradise Garden
The following is an excerpt from the Town of Kingsville website – Kingsville, Canada’s most southern Town, is situated along the north shore of Lake Erie.

Known for its favourable climate and productive soils, the Kingsville-Gosfield area was referred to as “Canada’s Paradise Garden” by 19th century writers.

“The following description of Kingsville is base on our visit to the town.”

Kingsville’s downtown is located as far south as one can travel in Southern Ontario. A few years ago Judi and I traveled to Kingsville via Essex.

We were on our way to visit the Kingsville Migration Festival. Along the way we stopped in Essex to visit our friend Mary Kendrick. Mary, as I have written before, is a wonderful floral artist.

From Mary’s we continued on to Kingsville and the Migration Festival. It’s easy to understand why Kingsville holds a migration celebration each year.

Kingsville residents are enthusiastic supporters of their favourite son and conservationist Jack Miner and his ideas! This is a pretty town located near Canada’s southern most boundary. The shops, residential housing and parks all add to the ambience of Kingsville. I think that the Migration Parade is probably the best indicator of the town and its people.

As Judi and I sat watching the parade, it seemed that if you weren’t in the parade, you were sitting on the side of the road cheering the people you know. The residents of Kingsville love their city and cherish its past.

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