Killarney Ontario Visited


by Gary McWilliams (aka Festival Nomad)

We had heard about Killarney from friends, but had never taken the opportunity to visit it.

The opportunity came, when the Village of Tobermory asked us to visit them. This may seem like a long way around, but we decided to visit other areas on our way to visit Tobermory. When I say, “long way around“, I mean it. We’d reach Tobermory via Manitoulin Island. Get the picture now? Look on a map of Ontario, and you’ll see the route that we had decided to take!

Anyway, we were off to Killarney!

What beautiful community!

Of course, it was the summer, so it was supposed to be beautiful.

Before we actually explored the community, we checked into the Killarney Mountain Lodge.

That was going to be our home for a few days.

So, back to the town!

Killarney is located on the north shore of Georgian Bay.

As you can imagine, it’s a mecca for tourists.

There is so much to see and do!

One of the areas attractions that we had heard about was the Killarney East Lighthouse.

The walk to get to the lighthouse was amazing, so scenic!

The lighthouse is located high on a cliff, so we had to climb up to it.

The view overlooking Georgian Bay was spectacular!

Another adventure that we had heard about was a boat trip around the area’s waters.

We climbed aboard the boat and we were on our way.

To try to describe to you what we experienced, would not do it justice.

You really need to experience it for yourselves!

Unfortunately our trip was cut short, due to a problem with the engine.

But, even though the trip was cut short, we would not have wanted to miss ot.

As we came back into the harbour, we could see just how picturesque Killarney was!

We have been to may Ontario communities over the years, and Killarney is one of the best we have visited.

Lots to see and do, but very restful, at least for us.

When it was time to leave, we were very sad, we had a lot more to see and do… Tobermory was in the future!

While we were in Killarney, we did spend a day at Killarney Provincial Park, but that’s another story!

The video shown below is about stay at the Killarney Mountain Lodge.