by Gary McWilliams (aka Festival Nomad)

Welcome to Huntsville…

The following is an excerpt from the Town of Huntsville websiteHuntsville is an adventure waiting for you.

We have that small town feeling that will welcome you twelve months of the year!”…


“Whether you are looking for a vacation destination, a relocation or home to retire with a first rate, golf, shopping, restaurants and live-entertainment – Huntsville is your destination.

The following description of Huntsville is based on our visits to the community.

My main experience in Huntsville was as kid growing up. In 1957, my parents decided that they wanted to purchase a cottage for the family.

Their choice was on Lake of Bays near Baysville.

The closest town near our cottage was Huntsville. I can remember many summer days driving to Huntsville to shop and explore.

As I grew up, my Dad and I, and sometimes my brother, Chuck, would drive to Huntsville for a game of golf at the local Huntsville golf course.

My memories of this time were always pleasurable, especially when we explored some of the great stores that dotted the main street.

This was mainly because I could normally talk my Mother into buying something for me! Later in life, whenever I was close to Huntsville, I would drive through the downtown area.

Each time through, memories of all our fun childhood adventures came back. Today’s Huntsville has grown quite a bit. There are still some of the stores that I remembered as a child, but the downtown surrounding area has changed. This, of course, is natural.

However, for me, the town still seems to have the same vibrancy that I had experienced as a kid.

The amount of traffic may have increased but families were walking on the sidewalks and entering the many shops to explore the “goodies” inside seemed the same.

Each time that I drive through the area, I wondered how many mothers were treating their kids to a summer time treasure!

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