Henshall Ontario Visited

by Judi “Scoop” McWilliams

We had decided to visit Exeter.


We were in the area (Goderich) to enjoy the Goderich Celtic Roots Festival and College.

We had heard that Exeter was an interesting community and one that we should try to visit.

Little did we know that along the way we would discover the unique village of Henshall.

As we drove along the highway to Exeter, there it was!

I think it was calling our name and telling us to “get off the highway” and explore the village.

So, we did.

We turned “right” and entered Henshall!

We were glad that we did. Henshall is a quaint community that is known as the “White Bean Capital of Canada”.

Like a lot of Canadian communities, it was named after a village in Yorkshire, England.

I guess the one attraction that caught my attention was Henshall Heritage Hall’s seating area with its two statue figures.

It was a wonderful photo op that I didn’t want to miss.

Sometimes turning right off the main highway can be a lot of FUN!