Dundalk Ontario Visited

by Jud “Scoop” McWilliams

Dundalk is locate in Grey County, south of Owen Sound.

The first time I had heard about Dundalk was when I was researching Ontario fairs, and read about the Dundalk Fall Fair.

When the Nomad (Gary) and I were discussing communities to visit, I suggested Dundalk.

Dundalk is fairly close to where we live, and an easy drive to get to.

Our first visit to Dundalk was a lot of fun.

As some of you may know, my twin sister (KC/Shadow) and I love crafting, and Dundalk had a number of great stores to browse and buy knick-knacks for craft projects. By the way, KC was with us on our visit to the village.

We had had so much fun visiting Dundalk the first time, we decided to visit it again (KC was with us). What a disappointment!

The whole downtown area was torn up and under construction. Shops were either closed or very difficult to get to.

However, we knew that the construction wouldn’t last for ever.

What a change, the downtown area was more beautiful than our first visit.

Unfortunately, a few of the shops we had first visited we closed.

But new ones had opened and some old ones had expanded.

KC wasn’t with us on this visit, but I still had a great time exploring the new and old stores.

Over the years of traveling throughout Ontario, we have witnessed a number of these transformations.

They are , of course, important to the health and progress of the community.

Frustrating for visitors and residence alike.

But after all has been completed, you have to “SMILE” at the results.