Creemore Ontario Visited



by Judi “Scoop” McWilliams

I love to visit the Village of Creemore Ontario!

I’m not sure if it’s the scenic trip getting there or the uniqueness of the Village of Creemore Ontario.

Whatever the reason, both Gary and I enjoy the visit and the discoveries!

I know that we are not alone in our eagerness to visit Creemore!

In the summer months the shops and restaurants are full of enthusiastic shoppers and dinners.

Walking along the Village sidewalks is great, the Village shop owners take a great deal of pride in outside appearances.

Sometimes I like to just stand in the shadows and take in all the ambiance.

Most times, however, I just enjoy “window shopping“.

One of my favourite stores is “Cardboard Castles“. There are so many fun things to look at and buy!

While I am looking around the shops, Gary likes to wanders off to explore the rest of the Village.

It’s not just about looking around, it’s about experience what Creemore has to offer.

For me it’s the shops and restaurants.

For others, it’s the local brewery.

Well, not so “local” anymore!

Now that the Creemore Springs Brewery has been purchased by Molson’s, it has become more national known.

Now people drive for miles to tour the newly built brewery and to sample the brewery’s newest creations.

At the opposite end of the Village is the Creemore Horticultural Park. I love to wander through the park and its whimsical statues!

Leaving Creemore is sad, but the scenic drive home lifts up my “spirits“!

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