Clarksburg Visited (Video)

Clarksburg Visited
by Judi McWilliams (aka “Scoop” McWilliams)
“Oh Canada Eh! Game video ~ Video and photos taken during our visit to the Village of Clarksburg.”

Clarksburg is a quaint village in The Blue Mountains, Ontario Canada located in the Beaver Valley just south of Thornbury on Grey Rd 13.” Source ~



“Welcome to Clarksburg”
We live in Thornbury, which is just north of Clarksburg. The short drive to Clarksburg allows us to pass many grand older homes. Just before we reach the Beaver River bridge, we pass the Jack Arers Memorial Park. The memorial in the park is dedicated to those in the area who gave their lives in WWW1 and WWW2.
“Bridge over the Beaver River”

The Beaver River cascades through a series of picturesque rapids from Clendenan Dam through the village and northward to Georgian Bay. (Clarksburg website)


“Photo mural showing Claksburg’s main street in the early 1900’s.”

Clarksburg is proud of its history and has a number of wall mural show the village in its earlier days. The village founded in 1860.


“Clarksburg main street now,”

Clarksburg is very popular in the summer-time. The main street bustles with visitors from all over the world. One day, as Gary and were visiting a local park, we met two visitors from the Netherlands. They were looking for a Beaver dam in the Beaver River! They never found one, but loved the area.


“Clarksburg’s ART WALL”

The Clarksburg Website tells us ~ “Clarksburg is a bustling little village with interesting places to visit and shop such as the old fashioned hardware store with its well-worn wooden floors and a hand cranked cash register, the honey store that is shaped like a bee hive and Clarksburgers, the funky clothing store. The locale has a blend of the traditional and modern.


“One of the many Clarksburg Art Stores”

Again, the Clarksburg Website tells us ~ “Clarksburg” or “Artsburg” as many call it, has now become the art centre of the region with the opening of art galleries and studios. The Marsh Street Centre is a cultural hotspot in The Blue Mountains, hosting a blend of theatre, music, art shows and even opera on occasion. The gallery windows are always changing and give new meaning to the phrase “paint the town.” 


“Clarksburg Antique Shop”

Gary and I love bring our guests to Clarksburg so that we can “explore and discover” all what its unique shops have to offer!


“Hindle’s Carksburg Hardware”

One of the more interesting stores in Clarksburg is the Hindle’s Hardware store. As the old saying goes, “it has everything from SOUP to NUTS“!

“Wrought iron sculptures”

Another unique Clarksburg business is the IRON WORKS. You never know what interesting sculptures you’ll discover as you pass their building!

“Clarksburg’s Lions Park”

Many activities take place the Clarksburg’s Lions Park. Our favourite is the start of the Clarksburg/Thornbury Canada Day parade. As the marchers and floats gather as “music” and “pancakes” fill the park!

“Old bridge crosses over the Beaver River”

There are three ways to travel outside the village to reach “ruralBlue Mountain. The old arched bridge leds you west to many “rural adventures“!

“Fireman’s Park”

Just outside of downtown Clarksburg is Fireman’s Park. Gary and I love this little park. It is located on the banks of the Beaver River.

“The Beaver River”

Apart from fun picnics in the park with Gary, I look forward to spending time, especially with my twin sister (when she visits), swinging on the park’s swings and working on one of our art projects!

 “Oh Canada Eh! Game video ~ Video and photos taken during or many trips through APPLE COUNTRY.”

Gary and I and have traveled across Ontario many times and have visited hundreds of Ontario Communities. Gary and I love The Blue Mountain area and feel that it is one of the most beautiful and interesting communities in Ontario. Clarksburg is certainly one of the main reasons why the area is so interesting!

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