Baysville Ontario Visited
Lake of Bays | Ontario | Canada
by Gary McWilliams (aka Festival Nomad)
“Oh Canada Eh! Game ~ Video and photos taken during our visits to the Village of Baysville.”
For most of my youth I spent the summers at our cottage on Lake of Bays. Our cottage, which was located on the west end of the Lake, was near the Village of Baysville. 
 “Coming Events in Baysville.”
Although Baysville was only a few miles from our cottage by road, I mainly traveled to it by boat. I can tell you that it was a lot more fun than traveling by car!
“The Founding of Baysville plaque”
The Village of Baysville has a long history and has welcome visitor and cottagers for over 100 years. It is now part of the Township of the Lake of Bays.
“Relaxing by the Baysville dam.”
There is a dam and park in the village. A great place to relax and have a picnic lunch!
“The Baysville Dam”
There was an Inn that served great ice-cream and tarts. The sign on the wall read The Best Inn by a Dam Site”. The Baysville dam ran right beside the Inn! The dam is still there, but the Inn burned down some years ago.

“The site where the Inn “by the dam site” was located.”

The last time we were there some kids had set up at temporary hot dog stand on the empty property! Who knows what will eventually be built there. I hope that it is in keeping with the charm of the Village!


“The Baysville Community Centre”

Once I started to drive, I was able to drive to Baysville on a Saturday night to attend a local dance.


“The Baysville General Store”

The country stores used to carry lots of goodies for summer visitors. When we had a cottage in the area, there were three general stores.


“Standing on front of Langmaid’s store”

At one store, Langmaid’s, Miss Langmaid used to always greet customers with “Up for the summer?” We would say “YES” and then laughed!


“Inside Langmaid’s”

Langmaid’s is still there, but it’s changed to an Ice Cream shop and there’s no one there to ask if we were “ Up for the Summer!


“A new Coffee Cafe”

Langmaid’s has also added a Coffee Cafe. The Village and Langmaid’s is becoming very modern, but with a rustic feeling!

“More Baysville shops”

I’ve been back to the Village over the years. It really hasn’t changed much. It’s still very scenic. Some of the stores are gone, replaced, as i mentioned, by more modern buildings.

“Muskoka chairs face the Municipal docks.”

My family and I use to boat to Baysville regularily and tie up at the Municipal docks. It was close both to the Baysville Marina and McCormack’s General Store.

“The Hound Lounge Bar & Grill”

Across from the municipal docks was the McCormack’s General Store. There is now a new build housing the Hound Lounge Bar & Grill.

“Baysville Marina”

We use to purchase gas at the Baysville Marina and store our boat during the winter months.

“Complex part of Baysville Marina”

When I was 14, I even landed a job there at one of the two local marinas. Here I learned how to make water skis. I even made my own, which I used faithfully for many years! Life there was idyllic. The Marina where I worked in was purchased by its competitor and merged. Most of the original buildings are still there. 


Sadly my father sold the cottage when it became too much for him to manage. I loved the area and try to visit it when I can. As I mentioned the “Park by the Dam” is a great place to relax and have a picnic lunch!

  1. This is a wonderful website. It has given me a better snapshot of my Baysville ancestors. I am connected through Samuel Langmaid and his family – John H Langmaid, his son and my 2g-grandfather as well as town Band leader, and Leila Langmaid-Brown and her sister Henerietta Langmaid (my g-grandmother) and all of their sibling including William Langmaid who owned the general store. I would love the hear more of the family stories. I hear that William was a “colorful” merchant and I am sure the others were just as colorful.

    I have been to Baysville for a couple of too short a visits and would love to visit there again for a longer period.

  2. This was such a lovely article with all the great information of Baysville Ontario

    I also recall driving the the lovely vintage mahogany & white boat to the Village of Huntsville
    with Uncle Paul – –My family in Victoria all loved Uncle Paul & Aunt Vera.

    Such lovely memories!!!!

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