Bayfield Visited


by Judi “Scoop” McWilliams

We had heard a lot about the Village of Bayfield, but had never visited it.

Bayfield is located in the community of Bluewater on the eastern shores of Lake Huron.

Out first visit to Bayfield was on our way back from an event in Sarnia. Since we were passing right by the village, we decided to “turn left” onto Bayfield’s Historic Main Street.

Since we had never been in Bayfield, or by it, we were really impressed by what we discovered!

Our first encounter was the park. Judi never met a swing set that she didn’t like and wanted to swing ob! We headed around the “square” to the swings!

While we were driving towards the swings, I notice a charming “church“. Actually, it turned out to be “City Hall“.

We had wanted to produce an “Oh Canada Eh! Game” video in Bayfield and this was the perfect location!

From the “shoot” at “City Hall“, we decided to “check outHistoric Main Street!

It’s everything you’d want in a historic main street!

Lots of “FUN” shops…

… and “GREAT” restaurants!

On our first visit we couldn’t spend a lot of time, but since then we’ve been back 3 or 4 times.

As a result, we have been able to explore many of the shops…

… and have enjoyed a meal or two!

In addition to the shopping area, we have been able to explore other parts of this unique village.

Down by the water (Lake Huron) there is “Pioneer Park“.

This is a pretty lake front park…

… with a fantastic view of the lake, especially at “sunset“!

Bayfield also has a beautiful harbour/marina.

We paid a visit to it on our way out of the village.

Bayfield is a scenic historic community, one that we hope to visit often, and it’s “SUNSET” aren’t “too bad” either!

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