Bancroft Ontario Visited


by Gary McWilliams (aka Festival Nomad)

Bancroft is a great place to visit!

Especially if you are a “Rockhound“!

Bancroft is the “mineral capital” of Canada.

Each year, Bancroft hosts Gemboree,  a very popular event.

Judi and I have visited Bancroft a number of times.

We have taken various routes to get to Bancroft.

All have been scenic and, in many cases, breathtaking.

Bancroft, itself, is very interesting.

In addition to it being the mineral capital of Canada, it has the “Eagle’s Nest Lookout”. (At the lookout, you will be able to overlook the breathtaking views of the York River Valley, and explore more trails to continue the fun!)

Egan Chutes Provincial Park is also close by. (A quick 10-20 minute hike will get you to the falls, where you will find a cascading waterfall and scenic views.)

In  the middle of town, is the Bancroft Millennium Park.

A wonderful park for the whole family to enjoy!

The York River runs through the town and the park.

Visitors can canoe and kayak along the river.

The park is also the home of the Heritage Museum.

It is a unique “log” building that is filled with Bancroft and area artifax.

Bancroft is full of history and interesting things to do and see.

Of course, part of the “adventure” of visiting Bancroft is getting there!

Below is an Oh Canada Eh! Game videos taken during on of our visits to Bancroft.